The Russian Nesting Dolls Obsession You’d Want In Your Life

One of the most popular memorization techniques is the Nesting doll method. Nesting doll can be considered the most effective method of mnemonics. The method got its name in honor of the nesting dolls from Moscow, because in it the pictures are placed one inside the other. Each pair of images includes small and large elements. At the same time, the small element is imagined as large and merges with a part of a large image.

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The Essence of the Technique

Reception nesting doll has several advantages that make this method very convenient to use:

  • Each of the images, connecting with other pictures, remains free, so if necessary, other details, medium in size, join the free part of the image.
  • The sequence of images that are remembered by the Nesting doll technique creates a stable picture in the subconscious. The subsequent image will not appear in the imagination until the part of the first image that is included in the pair is enlarged.

Application features

The use of the Nesting doll technique is possible in situations where it is necessary to fill in a consistent chain of associations connected directly to each other. Additional stimulating images are not used.The Nesting doll method allows you to collect similar information into a single data block, thereby facilitating the process of storing information. On one stimulating image, it is possible to fix a whole block of any information, be it a list of phone numbers, names or a list of important dates.

An Example of using the nesting doll method

To understand how the Nesting doll principle works, you should start with a simple example, for example, remember the sequence: train, window, sun. Combine the images in pairs, putting one in the other. It is important that the first image of a pair is always greater than the second one contained in it.

Combining the first and second images, you need to focus on the second, increasing it. In this case, the first image must be removed from the imagination, focusing on increasing the second, until the third appears. But each individual association should include only two images. For example, we see a train, there is a window in the train. We increase the image of the window and see the sun there.

It is important to devote time to regular training to bring every technique to perfection. Having mastered various memorization techniques, you will be able to discover new possibilities of your memory, effectively processing large volumes of information.

This toy is still similar to the first Nesting doll with a rooster in his hands. Zagorsk Nesting doll is good, cool, and stable in form. Paint it on white wood with gouache paints using pure (local) colors. Oval face and hands paint over the “flesh” color. Two strands of hair are hidden under the shawl, two dots depict the nose, and the lips perform three dots: two at the top, one below, and the lips are ready with a bow. The scarf at the nested doll is knotted. Further the master draws sleeves of a jacket, sundress. A scarf and apron are made in a simple floral pattern, which is easily obtained if you apply a paint brush, a trace-petal or leaf remains. A round center of the flower or “pea” can be obtained using the butting technique. Having finished painting, the master covers the Nesting doll with varnish. From this it becomes even brighter and more elegant. Conciseness and simplicity of design created a clear and joyful image of the Russian village doll. That is why, probably, everyone loves nesting doll, from young to old.

Semenovskaya Nesting doll

Semenovskaya toy also grind on a lathe. For work use well-dried wood of linden, aspen, birch. It is impossible to use un-dried wood, otherwise a product made of raw wood may crack, split, and it will be a pity to have the labor spent on it.

The carved product underwear is shaped, but somewhat narrowed down. But they paint it differently, and the paints are taken by others. First, a white nesting doll is primed with potato paste. This is necessary so that the paints do not spread on the wooden fibers and the Nesting doll should shine immediately after the first varnish coating. On the dried primed surface, the craftswomen make a “tip” with black ink: draw an oval on the face, eyes, nose, sponges, outline a scarf tied with a knot, and separate the border on the scarf (this is important, because the rim with flower buds is the hallmark of the Simonov doll Then they draw an oval in which they depict hands and flowers: lush roses, bells, and spikelet’s. So, the tip is ready. Now the painting is aniline transparent colors of yellow, red, crimson, green, purple flowers. And, finally, lacquer Nesting doll. And here we have a bright Khokhloma Nesting doll.

Nesting doll

This is the neighbor of the Semenov Nesting doll. And they grind it in the village. The first two stages – primer with paste and aiming are performed in the same way as in Semenovskaya, but the painting is more concise: the oval of the face with curls of hair, the scarf falls from the head, on the head is a trefoil rose, the oval is filled with floral painting. Lush roses, dahlias, bells, wild rose flowers, berries adorn this nesting doll. And she’ll be more built up than her friends: the shape of the dolls is more elongated, the head is small, flattened.

Trees for milling Nesting doll cut down in early spring, when sap flow was not yet started. The logs are cleaned of bark, leaving rings in several places in order to prevent cracking of the logs during the drying process. Drying is carried out in the open air, but under a canopy protecting the logs from precipitation and direct sunlight. Such conditions provide a gradual drying of wood, which lasts 2 years or more the larger the diameter of the logs, the longer it takes to dry it.

When the log is dried, it is cut into chocks 50 centimeters long. If you need to carve a large-diameter Nesting doll, then you use a chock as it is, and if it is smaller, then chocks are split into several pieces, then they are trimmed with axes, trying to give a round shape. Then the work-piece is fixed in the lathe. Machines are the simplest, homemade. As a drive, we use an electric motor and a belt drive, which transmits rotation to a so-called glass, steel hollow cylinder, into which wooden blanks are driven. The main feature of milling dolls is that the wooden blank is fastened not at two points, as is usually done when turning out products from wood, but in one, in the same glass.