Friendship Bracelets 101: The Essential Guide

Friendship bracelets do not go out of fashion. They will be relevant as long as people appreciate friendship. If you make your friend a gift in the form of such a beautiful and stylish bracelet, he will surely take care of it.

Friendship bracelet has long been worn by the Indians. In the last century, interest in him returned to the days of hippies. Since then, these unusual baubles do not lose popularity. Depending on the complexity, both pupils of the primary school and high school students can make all kinds of accessories even bracelets for casual outfit. Moreover, now friendship bracelets baubles from floss threads are back in fashion.

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You can wear this jewelry with jeans and sundresses, and with almost any casual clothing. Today it is fashionable to wear not one, and not even two, but several bracelets at once. Choosing a color scheme, it is worth considering, of course, which shades a friend often uses in clothes. But in order not to be trapped, you need to learn what each color in the hippie subculture symbolizes.

If you do not know how to make a friendship bracelet with your own hands, do not worry. The simplest patterns you will surely master by school break. Creating beautiful and meaningful accessories is a very exciting thing. But first, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the basic principles of making bracelets.

At first, it will be necessary to fasten the ends of the threads very well during weaving. They can be connected with a pin or glued with tape to the table. There are also special plates with a clip. The bracelet should not squeeze the wrist, between it and the hand should be free to pass two fingers.

The very bauble or its ends can be decorated with rhinestones, beads, pendants. This will make the gift more original. Starting weaving, try not to postpone it, so as not to be confused with the pattern.

How to make friendship bracelets with hearts

Bracelet with hearts looks very sweet and gentle. In addition, it looks different if you make it in different colors. For weaving, you will need floss threads of two colors. 4 threads of one color and four another, put them in turn, ties them up about 8 cm from the edge and fastens them in a convenient way. Make sure that the extreme right and left threads are the same color.

Make two knots, twice circling the next thread with an extreme thread. Also do two knots, twisting the same thread with thread number 3 and number 4. Now we repeat all these actions on the right side. On this work on the first row is completed. The second row does the same. It is necessary to weave the heart. Getting started from the left thread, which is the second in a row, you need to twist the one that is on the far left, making two knots.

The same actions are repeated on the right side. Again we start to weave on the left. Thread, which was the second in a row, you need to twist the threads number 3 and number 4. On the right side, we do everything similarly.

Again we weave to the left, a thread which turned out to be the second in a row we twist the leftmost thread twice. To the right we repeat the same. After that, you need a thread, which was second from the left, to twist threads No. 3 and No. 4. Also on the right, heart is over. It is necessary to repeat two regular rows as at the very beginning. Then weave the heart again, and so on until the required length is reached. After that, tie the threads in a knot. That’s all.

Friendship bracelets with hearts can also be given as bracelet gift for your valentine. On the other hand, those with airplane symbols are friendship bracelets for travel buddies. Having mastered this simple scheme in execution, you can proceed to weaving baubles with various images, names, important words.

It is important that you immediately arrange the threads by color the way you want them to look in the already finished bracelet. And now you can proceed directly to the weaving of the friendship bracelet. You should start from left to right, use a double knot to tie the closest thread to the right with a double thread on the left and then continue to tie each subsequent thread with the same double knots, reaching the edge of the row.

After this, you must return again to the left edge of the friendship bracelet. Now we will start with a thread of a different color. The steps described earlier need to be repeated exactly again, tie up all the knots with double knots and at the end go back to the left edge.

Thus, the friendship bracelet should continue to weave until you reach the length you require. As a result, a smooth canvas of inclined multicolored stripes should come out. When choosing the colors of threads for making a friendship bracelet, you should first of all be guided by the feelings you put into it, the feelings you feel for the person for whom it is intended. Not the last role is also played by what are the features of your friend’s character, and what are the tastes of your friend.

What does the color of a particular friendship bracelet symbolize?

Did you know that you can use bracelets for expressing something? For example, the white color in the friendship bracelet means divinity and purity, blue colors of the firmament and calm. It is easy to guess that red is a symbol of love and passion, while a red and white bauble symbolizes free love. Green color in the bracelet of friendship is synonymous with life and fertility. The combination of yellow, red and green flowers in the friendship bracelet is a great gift for the lover of music in the style of reggae. If a friend listens to rock, and loves the domestic group weave him a red and black bauble. For lovers of magic and mysticism, black and purple colors in the friendship bracelet are much loved. Now you know what a friendship bracelet is and how to make it.