Did you find a funny soft keychain in your May Japan Crate? Find out more about it!

A load of fun in an adorable squishy bun!

Welcome to the phenomenon of squishy. These fun little toys were first made in Japan more than 30 years ago. Somehow, they became globally famous just now, and they brought a lot of fun to people all around the world.


Squishies come in all sorts of shapes, scents, and sizes. Their shapes come in five categories – pastries, licensed cartoon and anime characters, animals, foods, and rare. Although squishies on their own aren’t expensive at all, the rare ones can reach a value of over $100. Some of them are expensive due to the keychain attached to it with blacklight to check on mattresses for existence of germs not visible to the eye. These are some of the expensive components you can rarely see along squishies.


Squishies that people got in the Japan Crate in May are from the pastry category. These were made to look and smell like pan, a kind of soft bread characteristic for Japan. Although it’s hard to explain it to someone who never gave it a try, this bread is a lot lighter and a lot fluffier than what you usually buy in stores here.


What’s interesting about squishies is the fact that each toy is a bit different. Some are squishier, others are softer, some rise quickly, others slowly. There are squishies capable of squished more smiliar to those MMA fighters you see on TV. Compare your squishy with those of your friends, and see who got the slowest riser.


Now that you have one adorable squishy, you’ll want more.

Here are some of our personal favorite squishy shapes:

* Cake – this piece of strawberry shortcake looks and smells so delicious that you’ll want to bite into it. However, we suggest you don’t, as it really isn’t edible (and don’t ask us how we know this).

* Seals – cutest, chubby, happy baby seals you will ever see. These tiny pendants can be attached to your bag, your keys, or your phone.

* Nekodo tiny cat donut – small and round, these donuts have adorable kitty faces and ears. Wonderfully squishable, these pendants can go with you anywhere, and be squished whenever you want.

* Yellow cats – soft, small, and gentle, these tiny cat faces are the most adorable, squishable pendant you can get.

* Squishy with filling – take a squishy that has an additional feature. A cookie or a donut that leaks filling when you squeeze it will be amazingly pleasing to play with.

* Onigiri – If you love eating Japanese food, and you adore these rice balls, then this squishy is ideal for you.

* Squishy phone case – smells like bread, looks like bread, feels like bread, but it’s a unique squishy case for your smartphone.

* Peachy squishy – smells like a peach, looks like a peach, smooshes like a squishy! Just what you need for stress relief.

* A squishy bread loaf – if you think bigger is better, this huge pastry-scented loaf of squish is just what the doctor ordered. Furthermore, it has an adorable face that you can play with and watch as it regains its original shape.

* Bagel squishy – this wonderfully soft, deliciously smelling squishy will make you hungry just by looking at it. However, you will love playing with it.

* Blushing buns – cute faces and shy blushes in combination with wonderful scents make for perfect squishies.




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