Amazing Kigurumis Are The Real Winter Deal

Online store of kigurumi gives its customers the opportunity to buy cheap kigurumi. On their website, in the catalog, there is a fairly wide range that will allow you to choose an image that you like exactly. A onesie purchased online can be a pleasant gift to a onesie lover, which he will wear with great pleasure.

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All models have their own unique design, but you should know what do you wear under a Kigurumi. Every buyer will find exactly what he needs. Such fantastic characters as Winnie the Pooh, Cheshire Cat, Piglet Disney, and Salem the cat onesies will plunge you into the world of childhood and again make you feel like a child. After all, every adult comes from childhood. Gamers and mobile app lovers will love the costumes of Angry-birds, Batman, Dragon Spyro, Minion, and many others. And with funny animal costumes, you can organize a cool party, and spend time with jokes, fans, and fun.

Kigurumi costume for adults is an ideal option for spending time in friendly companies, family gatherings, holidays and even feasts. Everyone will certainly want to take pictures in a great onesie and, of course, try it on you. Going for a walk or a great outing, take a onesie with you! It will decorate any photo; will give an image brightness and originality. The costume gives a feeling of joy and optimism do not feel sorry for a piece of joy for others, give them your optimism in the form of photos in Kigurumi.

Kigurumi onesies are cheaply offered to customers in a wide range. After all, we always focus on the interests of customers, and we want them to look stylish and beautiful even in a dream. We have products of various sizes depending on the person’s height; you just have to choose the products that match the desired characteristics and fill out the form on the website.

It is worth noting that we deliver not only through the territory. We offer our services in the territory of Russia and Belarus. This suggests that we are working to expand the geography of our activities so that an increasing number of customers have the opportunity to purchase such original products.

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Buy excellent adult kigurumi pajamas every customer can buy in our store. To order pajamas onesies for adults, you will need to perform a few simple steps:

  • Choose your size. Size chart of the manufacturer is presented in the section “Adult Pajamas.” In case of difficulties, the store staff will help determine the size.
  • Add the item to the shopping basket and confirm the decision.
  • Place order in accordance with the proposed model, filling in all the necessary fields and specifying contact information.
  • Within 3-7 days, the order will arrive at the post office or will be sent by courier service (at the buyer’s choice). Pajamas-onesies for adults are easily transported; durable fabric will not be torn or torn, even with constant wear of a onesie. Bright, positive colors will give joy and aesthetic pleasure not only to young people but also to mature matured people who want to always be in the whirlwind of life whirlwind.

There is a huge variety of pajamas for adults: they can be made in the form of animals, anime heroes and cartoons, they often take the form of fairy characters (fairies, Pokémon, and unicorns). You can even find fruit designs such as apple, banana, or raspberry onesies. All costumes are made of high-quality fleece, which does not deteriorate over time and does not tarnish after frequent washings. Kigurumi pajamas have several features that are guaranteed to be absent in dressing gowns and usual pajamas:

  • Hood in the form of the head of a hero or an animal.
  • Fabric tail made as costume decoration.
  • Spacious pockets that can be sewn on the side or the front (for example, on kangaroo onesies).

Kigurumi pajamas

Inexpensive kigurumi can be purchased from us at the store can be purchased by paying to Private Bankcard or by cash on delivery upon delivery by New Mail or another courier company convenient for you.

How to choose the size of kigurumi

Many people who first come across the question of buying a onepiece jumpsuit ask themselves quite a reasonable question. How to choose the size of these pajamas, if from the size of her only height?

Indeed, Kigurumi pajamas are growth onesies and height will be the main parameter for choosing the right size. However, this is not so clear when it comes to choosing kigurumi for large people or vice versa for very thin people.

So, people of medium build who wear XS or S clothing size should choose pajamas size according to their height and not think about other parameters and those who wear clothes size L, XL or more should choose pajamas a size or two more.

We also recommend, if your height is between two sizes of pajamas, for example, M (height 159-168 cm) and L (height 169-178 cm), choose the size always in a big direction because free pajamas are always better than those who are not very comfortable.

Below, you can familiarize yourself with the table that will help you to choose the size of Kigurumi pajamas correctly.

Translated from the Japanese “Kigurumi” it means “life-size puppet.” First, the so-called national costumes for performances. In the CIS countries, kigurumi is home onesies, pajamas in the form of heroes of famous cartoons. Clothing has legs, ears, and tails, like real animals. Adult Kigurumi is a global trend. Pajamas are bought by people of different age categories and activities since these are everyday home wear. It is necessary for everyone, regardless of social status: athletes, students, party lovers, young parents, businessmen, men, and women.

After a hard day’s work, adults return home and can rest in cheerful costumes of fabulous animals. Kigurumi pajamas are soft one-piece onesies and are buttoned with buttons, a zipper or buttons. It is very convenient.

Such home clothes are equipped with a hood in the form of the head of an animal or a character from a fairy tale, due to which it looks original and interesting, better option than what sleeping blankets give. She has a comfortable squeegee. There are adult pajamas-onesies with comfortable pockets and other elements of decor.

And although most people use such clothes only at home, some brave citizens wear them on the street. There are girls who go shopping or just go for a walk. Unusual colored pajamas concentrate on people’s attention, improve their mood, and give a positive.

Models purchased from the online store have undeniable advantages:

  • Production of soft, reliable materials that do not change the appearance after constant washes
  • Long-term safety during hand washing
  • No need to iron
  • Easy dressing process on the body.

These are just some of the benefits you can get if you purchase kigurumis. So sacrifice few bucks now and be comfortable. It’s better to borrow money for onesies rather than borrow money for plain blankets.

In our online store, there are many products for adults from velsoft at economical prices. The buyer can choose any color to your liking. Each home costume ordered on the website will be a bright addition to the male and female wardrobe. You can learn more about the terms of payment, delivery and other information on the official web resource of the company.