5 Reasons Why Dancing is Great Exercise

Are you the type of person that hates to go to the gym? Does the mere thought of having to run on a treadmill make you shudder with distaste? Let’s be honest, running on a treadmill isn’t the most exciting exercise. Watching TV while simultaneously jogging can make the effort somewhat more endurable. After years of doing the same exercises, your body adjusts to the exercise and it doesn’t have the same beneficial effects. If you are sick of the same boring exercise routines, you should consider taking up dance. It’s a sport that both men and women can enjoy and benefit from. Here’s why:

Aerobic and Anaerobic Dance is a great form of exercise because it provides you with both aerobic and anaerobic movements. Our bodies need a combination of both types of exercise in order to be at their healthiest. In dance, aerobic exercise can be achieved by jumping, swaying, twirling, etc. Anaerobic exercises include holding squat positions, lifting someone else or your own body, and balancing. There are endless possibilities when it comes to getting a complete workout through dance.

Constantly changing

There is an unending supply of dance moves. Thus, it is very difficult to get bored with creating new dance moves. Once you get the basics down, a whole world of options will open up to you. You can try formal dance moves, such as the steps of ballroom dances or ballet. If you are more interested in trying out more modern-style dances, you can expand upon hip-hop or jazz moves. Dancing is far less boring than jogging on the same old treadmill everyday.

Creative outlet

One thing that dancing can provide that jogging and regular gym exercises can’t is a creative outlet. You are free to invent new forms, choose your own music, and even put makeup and costume to your dance routines. Wearing a costume while jogging would illicit some very strange looks.

Improve flexibility

One thing that jogging doesn’t do is to help your muscles become more flexible. Dancing, on the other hand, stretches your body in new ways that you’ve never tried before. Improved flexibility is great for your body’s physical health, because it reduces your chances of injury in a fall or sprain, and speeds up the time it takes your muscles to heal after a workout.

Music inspires

Surely you have noticed that most people jog with headphones in their ears. Oftentimes, they have a specific exercise playlist they listen to because the beat of the music helps them go faster and push themselves. The same can be said for dance, except there are far more options. With jogging, you have to find music that goes at just the right pace to push your steps. With dance, music can change from slow to fast to pauses, all in a matter of seconds. It’s your job to keep up! Your freedom of music choice is nearly endless when you are looking for something to dance to! Even classical musical can get your arms and legs flowing.